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2017.01.18 : Pages 78 & 79 of chapter 2. Still updating with extra pages because the donation goal was totally smashed! Thank you so much. ^_^

2017.01.16 : Pages 76 & 77 of chapter 2. Thank you for donating!!! I will try to tag an extra page along with the normal updates because I don't have a buffer at the moment. ^-^;; So it'll take me some time to build it back up again. I apprecaite your contributions so much!

2017.01.13 : Page 75 of chapter 2.

2017.01.11 : Pages 73 & 74 of chapter 2. THANK YOU FOR DONATING!!! I appreciate it so much. ^_^ If you enjoy my work and would like to contribute, please check out my new Patreon page! Different rewards for various pledges, and I'm open for reward ideas, so please let me know what you'd like to see me offer for your support. ^_^

2017.01.09 : Page 72 of chapter 2.

2017.01.06 : Page 71 of chapter 2.

2017.01.04 : Page 70 of chapter 2. I'm now on Instagram! And please remember to vote on Top Web Comics (link to the right of the page).

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