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2018.02.15 : Pages 37 - 42 of chapter 3. I was really lacking motivation and inspiration to work on this story, and I realized that was because I needed to revise some things. So, I edited quite a lot, starting from page 86 of chapter 2, and feel so much better about it now!

2018.01.12 : Pages 32 - 36 of chapter 3. I had some writer's block, so that's why I haven't updated this in a while. Anyway, here are some pages, finally! Hope you enjoy them. ^_^

2017.12.29 : Pages 26 - 31 of chapter 3. I have a special New Year's picture I want to draw and post for Monday, so HOPEFULLY I can do it! It'll be pretty cute... >w< I got Clip Studio Paint for Christmas, and created some of these pages with it! Such a brilliant program!! Enjoy~!

2017.12.16 : Pages 22 - 25 of chapter 3. Our boys have made it out! With a little added baggage... Enjoy!

2017.12.10 : Pages 19 - 21 of chapter 3. Please note! I did some small edits to pages 13 & 14. Please reread in order for things to make more sense.

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