Two best friends. Two different worlds. One Unbreakable Bond.

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What if the best friend you've ever had wasn't even from Earth?
When Jeremy has a terrible day, and Alarel escapes a psychopathic twin brother, the two meet and learn of the bond they've shared since before they were born. But government agents are very interested in Alarel, and the psychopathic brother is inviting Hell itself into Alarel's once peaceful home world. So Jeremy is determined to get the best friend he's ever had safely back home, to face the rising darkness together. He just doesn't quite know how yet...

01. When we met, I nearly died

02. Rekindling

03. The Bond

04. Something to care about

05. Beyond time and space

06. Brothers

07. Where we're guided

08. Unexpected Visitors

09. Righteous Truth, Wicked Lies

10. Aquiela

11. Spiritual Warfare

12. A Special Role to Play

13. Taken

14. Project Z-1

15. Remedial Assistance

16. Astral Reunion

Unbreakable Bond is an original vertical scroll style comic created by Emily W. Muto, owner of All rights reserved.