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Okay, you're about to see a TON of pages posted here. Second Verse is on hiatus, but I was itching to revise what I'd already done. There's a new beginning now, and most of the pages have been updated in some way, so they're all posted here so you can easily see the changes. Redrawing Track 2 and getting everything ready for publishing is just too big a job--this comic has to wait its turn. (●˙꒳˙●)★

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2015.05.22 : Second Verse is back, and will be updated on FRIDAYS! I'll be working on it in addition to redrawing Track 2 and getting it ready for publishing. Woo!

Track 1 is now available for ereader purchase! Buy it from the Kindle Store or from iBooks. Track 2 is currently being TOTALLY redrawn, and will be available for sale as soon as it's finished. I'm working super hard to get everything ready for the first print volume, so I hope you're all looking forward to it!

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