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2014.04.17 : Yup, going to the con! In need of a break anyway, so I'll be taking a few days away from comic and commission work. Not sure when updates will resume, so stay tuned to the Shoutbox and my twitter. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send in GUEST STRIPS, that would be beyond awesome!!!! Just draw something up, be it serious or silly, and send it to me! No wider than 620 pixels, please.

2014.04.15 : EXTRA UPDATE! Page 51 of track 23. Thank you so much for donating~~~ :D

2014.04.14 : Page 50 of track 23.

2014.04.12 : EXTRA UPDATE! Page 49 of track 23. Thanks for donating!

2014.04.10 : Page 48 of track 23.

2014.04.09 : EXTRA UPDATE! Page 47 of track 23. Thanks so much for donating! Since no one is using the forum, I think I'll scrap it. Oh well, maybe it'll be useful for my next project.

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