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2014.07.28 : Pages 36 to 41 of track 24. Thank you so much for the donations! They're so greatly appreciated, right now especially. <3 Please enjoy the pages!

2014.07.24 : Page 35 of track 24. Just found out today that my rent will be increasing to just about more than we can afford. >_> Fabulous. Those who pray, we'd really appreciate prayers to help us find a good job opportunity back in Seattle so we can move. <3 Thanks.

2014.07.22 : EXTRA UPDATE! Page 34 of track 24. Thank you for donating!

2014.07.21 : Pages 32 & 33 of track 24. Thanks for donating!! :D :D :D Updated the characters page.

2014.07.20 : EXTRA UPDATE! Page 31 of track 24. Thank you for donating!!

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