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2014.08.29 : Pages 63 - 65 of track 24, thanks for donating! Ahhhhhhhh... ;3; That's it. TWTYH is done. I just don't even know what to say! But it feels so good. What a tremendous blessing it's been to create this story, even during the extremely trying times when I just wanted to give up. Even when the negativity almost broke me down, I was determined to finish, and I have. Some of you will love this ending, some of you won't--that cannot be helped. It's impossible to please everybody. But you know what? I've pleased myself. I've finished something that I started when I was only 18, just fresh out of high school, and it's caused me to stretch and grow and learn more than I could've imagined. So, for me, it's been totally worth it and I am nothing but proud and satisfied. And plus, I've met some insanely awesome people along the way, some of the best friends I've EVER had I've met through the comic. The amazing support and kind comments that came from my readers have meant more than I can say, so thank you all so much! Thanks for sticking with me all this time, through the ups and the downs, and enjoying this journey together with me.
So, I'm sure tons of you are wondering about my next project... :D I'll be starting that soon. Not sure when yet, but soon. And since the donation meter died, like, many many times over, (THANK YOU!! Rent hike is coming next month, so every cent helps so much right now T___T) I'll be posting fun extra stuff over the next several days, so please keep checking back for new goodies! TWTYH stuff, maybe some old art, hopefully some fun teaser stuff for my next comic... it'll be pretty swell, guys.
Waaaaaaah... now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and get a little emotional. TT_TT And then PARTY!!! :D Because, hey, I finished TWTYH. That deserves at least one slice of chocolate cake. ^__^

2014.08.28 : Page 62 of track 24. 3 pages left, guys. Just 3... T___T

2014.08.27 : EXTRA UPDATE! Pages 56-61 of track 24. Thank you so much for donating!! T__T <3 This generosity is amazing. And I'm so glad I got to post this batch of pages all together at once. Please enjoy!

2014.08.25 : Pages 53, 54 & 55 of track 24, thanks for donating!!! Since I've finished the comic, I've reopened commissions. :D

2014.08.23 : EXTRA UPDATE! Page 52 of track 24, thanks for donating! Yesterday I finished the comic. o_o Yeah. I posted about it on facebook, so I'll copy what I put there:
I just.... can't believe it. I finished TWTYH... It's done... it's over... it's COMPLETE. It took 11 years, 8 months, and 15 days...! And all worth it!
I'm freaking out, but this is also extremely fulfilling. To know that I could take on a huge project all by myself, with a massive cast, and all sorts of crazy dramatic emotional roller coasters, is so satisfying. It's confirmation that this is what I'm meant to be doing!! And I've grown so much, I am beyond grateful for all the ways this comic stretched me as an artist and writer. And I'm thankful for the amazing people who have been drawn into my life because of this comic!
I don't feel entirely confident about some parts of the story, and certainly not with the early art, but it is what it is. Over all, I am satisfied and feel I've accomplished something uplifting and enjoyable. And geez, even when it got super hard and I wanted to just give up, I stuck it through. So I'm super proud of myself! And soooo thankful the ride is over. I won't really know what to do with myself! (heh, not really though. So many commissions to work on, and planning for my next comic... which I'm not telling about juuuuust yet. ^_~)
Ahhh... I hope the ending is good. I think it is. Tsu thinks it is. Right now I'm just going to go dance like a crazy person and relish this feeling of accomplishment. Thanks for the support, you lovely readers, you! This would've been impossible without the love. I can't believe all the awesome people TWTYH brought into my life... it's been SUCH a blessing!

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