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The Way to Your Heart

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2014.12.05 : Page 11 of track 1. I'm sorry this is so late! >_< *spatters off excuses* Yeah, been busy. Anyhoo, enjoy the new page!

2014.11.22 : Page 10 of track 1. All right! I am moved, and settled into my wonderful new home. I will get back to commission work, and I want to thank all of my Patrons for supporting me, I'll have new goodies for you soon. It felt so good to draw a comic page again... *_* Enjoy!

2014.10.31 : Page 9 of track 1. Okay! So now you guys know the big thing I'd wanted to announce. ^_^

2014.10.26 : Page 8 of track 1. Sorry this is late! We had something come up which I'll *hopefully* get to announce soon.

2014.10.17 : Page 7 of track 1. I wanna scruffle Haru's hair too. ^w^

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