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2014.07.31 : Pages 42 & 43 of track 24. Thanks for donating!! Comic work continues to go well. I'm getting so close to the end, guys... it's terribly exciting, but also heartwrenching. But it also means my mind has been conspiring non-stop about my next story, which I'm getting really pumped about! So, onward we go. :D Oh, and thanks to anyone who's been praying on our behalf concerning the job/moving stuff. Still nothing yet, but we're hopeful.

2014.07.28 : Pages 36 to 41 of track 24. Thank you so much for the donations! They're so greatly appreciated, right now especially. <3 Please enjoy the pages!

2014.07.24 : Page 35 of track 24. Just found out today that my rent will be increasing to just about more than we can afford. >_> Fabulous. Those who pray, we'd really appreciate prayers to help us find a good job opportunity back in Seattle so we can move. <3 Thanks.

2014.07.22 : EXTRA UPDATE! Page 34 of track 24. Thank you for donating!

2014.07.21 : Pages 32 & 33 of track 24. Thanks for donating!! :D :D :D Updated the characters page.

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