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Welcome to The Way to Your Heart!
Read from the very beginning or read from the sequel, Second Verse.

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The Way to Your Heart

What's new?
2015.01.16 : Page 15 of track 1. Now that we're rolling into this new story arc of the TWTYH canon, I've updated the characters page. Also, here's a new commission I've done.

2015.01.09 : Page 14 of track 1. I'm going to try my best to at least update this comic on Fridays. And you've probably noticed my old donation meter died, so I made a new one! Only $10 left to reach the goal to get an extra update. :D

2015.01.05 : This month I want to focus more on this comic. ^_^ So that means I'll try to figure out a concrete update schedule. Sorry things have been so... sporadic. >_> Also, here are some new commissions I've done. If you'd like to commission me, now is a great time to do it. Those who have already commissioned me, THANK YOU!!! And thank you for being patient while waiting for me to get to every request, especially during the Christmas season. The work should go more quickly now.

2015.01.03 : Page 13 of track 1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It's a new month, a new year! Please vote each day. :D

2014.12.24 : Page 12 of track 1. Merry Christmas!! ^____^

2014.12.05 : Page 11 of track 1. I'm sorry this is so late! >_< *spatters off excuses* Yeah, been busy. Anyhoo, enjoy the new page!

2014.11.22 : Page 10 of track 1. All right! I am moved, and settled into my wonderful new home. I will get back to commission work, and I want to thank all of my Patrons for supporting me, I'll have new goodies for you soon. It felt so good to draw a comic page again... *_* Enjoy!

2014.10.31 : Page 9 of track 1. Okay! So now you guys know the big thing I'd wanted to announce. ^_^

2014.10.26 : Page 8 of track 1. Sorry this is late! We had something come up which I'll *hopefully* get to announce soon.

2014.10.17 : Page 7 of track 1. I wanna scruffle Haru's hair too. ^w^

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