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Welcome to The Way to Your Heart!
Read from the very beginning or read from the sequel, Second Verse.

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The Way to Your Heart

What's new?
2014.10.31 : Page 9 of track 1. Okay! So now you guys know the big thing I'd wanted to announce. ^_^

2014.10.26 : Page 8 of track 1. Sorry this is late! We had something come up which I'll *hopefully* get to announce soon.

2014.10.17 : Page 7 of track 1. I wanna scruffle Haru's hair too. ^w^

2014.10.15 : Page 6 of track 1. Boo. I don't like updating this just once a week. Twice, plus extra updates....? *fingers crossed*

2014.10.10 : Page 5 of track 1 of Second Verse. If you haven't read the first four pages yet, they're posted at the bottom of the archive. I'm so excited about this! More TWTYH, set in the future! ^__^ I want to update this frequently, but with Universe of Jewels going at the same time... I'm not sure which comic I want devote more time to! Which would you guys rather see update more frequently?
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Here are some of my latest commissions.

2014.10.07 : Second Verse will now be hosted here! So The Way to Your Heart lives on on its original site! ^___^ Past pages are up in the archive now. Feels so right to continue this story, and to do it here. ^_^ Let me know what you think of the new site look.

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