This gallery contains color and monochromatic illustrations in various mediums: pencil, ink, Copic marker, watercolor, and digitally rendered ink, screen tones, and color using Manga Studio EX4, Photoshop, and Paint Tool SAI. Includes art from my comics Universe of Jewels and The Way to Your Heart, along with commissioned art. Please enjoy!

Unbreakalbe Bond illustrations

The Way to Your Heart illustrations
Commissioned piece, Minako and Hayato's wedding. Decided to color my favorite pencil sketch. Katsumura family ^_^ Yumiyabi fluff~ I love how this one turned out... *_* Happy Valentine's Day! Yumi having fun with paint! Shuya *___* Toshio, being sexy! Miyabi, sans make up. Pretty handsome, eh? Commissioned art. Renji and his girlfriend Atsuko. Commmissioned art. Hayato and his girlfriend Minako. Commmissioned art. Yumi as Sarah and Toshio as Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth Commissioned art. Sayaka and Kazuki Commissioned art. Shuya, Musashi, and their brand new baby CG painting. Sexy, aren't they? Commissioned art. Ink. Commissioned art. Commission request. This does NOT mean Yumi and Miyabi WILL or WILL NOT get together. This is only what a fan requested me to draw. Yumi and Miyoko, all dolled up! Drawn with pencil, colored in Photoshop. Commissioned piece, it is so sweet to see Miyabi and Yumi together like this! ^_^ I just love it! Copic multiliner ink pens. A commissioned piece, reminds me of a playing card. ^^; Copic sketch markers, Copic multiliners, acrylic paint. A commissioned piece. I love how it turned out!!! 'Issho ni utaou' Yumi and Miyabi singing together. This was a commission I did ^_^ Mitsuzuka-sensei and Toshio! This was a commission done for a dear friend of mine. Yumi and Miyabi make the cutest couple... *_* Miyabi at a photoshoot, I guess. I LOOOOOOOOVE this!!! I love this piece, it's one of my favorites! Renji, guitarist of ~PHANTASM~ Sakuzo, lead guitarist of ~PHANTASM~ This will be in the first graphic novel of TWTYH!!!

Color illustrations
Commissioned piece Fan art for Red String webcomic Commissioned art. CG painting. Commissioned art. Copic sketch markers. Commissioned art. CG painting. Commissioned art. Copic sketch markers. Commissioned art. Copic sketch markers. Commission I did for my cousin of her characters Risa and Shinta. Colored pencil. Commission. Copic sketch markers, colored pencil, acrylic paint. Commission I did for Takako of her characters from her manga 'Monochrome Sekai.' Colored with Copic sketch markers.

Monochrome illustrations
Commissioned art Commissioned art Kenshiro from Hokuto No Ken Commmissioned art. Commmissioned art. Commissioned art - pencil art Commissioned art. Ink. Commissioned art. Ink. Commissioned art. Ink. Commission request. Commissioned artwork. Commissioned artwork.

Commissioned comics

Concept art, sketches, and junk

Chibi characters.

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