Want me to make pretty art for you? Then you've come to the right place! Here you can review the art categories I offer, view samples, see general prices, and make payments for your commission requests.

Art categories and prices
Prices are general and vary depending on the level of difficulty to create the piece, the amount of detail in the piece, etc. I gladly accept payment through PayPal (through the "Pay Now" button below) or money order. Prices are in US dollars.

Digital line art
*Pencil line art
*Pencil art
Digital screentone art
Single comic page
*Traditionally colored art
Digitally colored art
**Digital sketchpage

$7 ~ $13
$15 ~ $30
$20 ~ $40
$25 ~ $50
$30 ~ $60
$40 ~ $80
$45 ~ $90

* = Original available. If original is requested, the final price will include shipping.
** = For the digital sketchpage option, prices will be determind by how many sketches and characters will appear on the page. Page size will also be determined by number of sketches/characters.

Please keep in mind that I WILL NOT draw hentai/extreme sexual content, furries, extreme gore/violence, buildings/architecture or mechanical things (I suck at them!), or anything I feel uncomfortable with.
However, I would LOVE to draw anything from my comics, lovey-dovey smoochy couples (BL/shounen ai/shoujo ai are fine), anime/manga/comic/video game characters, visual kei, original characters (with detailed description and/or reference pics), comics (single page unless payment is discussed for multiple pages. I'd require a detailed description of the characters, actions, dialogue, setting, etc.)

Please send your request to with the subject "commission request." I will let you know through email the price of your request, which you can then enter after clicking on the button below. Once payment is received I will begin working on your request.

Please note...
The amount of time I require to complete a commission will vary depending on its difficulty, and on other things I have to do. I'll finish and send off one commission before I start on another one. I'm only one person, but I will try to be as prompt as possible with completing commissions.

Feel free to reproduce my commissions, but DO NOT sell any part of them or distribute/showcase them online without my permission. The copyrights for the artwork belong to me, however the original characters and ideas requested, of course, belong to their creators. All art is for personal use ONLY.

All of my commissions will be available electronically at at least 300 DPI. Once completed, I will send an electronic copy of the commission to the same e-mail address from which the request came. I can send originals as long as they haven't been colored or edited on a computer. If you request the original artwork, I'll figure the shipping price into the final price and ask for your mailing address, which I will keep private.

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